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3D arrives in Fusion 2.5

FireFly 3D Objects

Clickteam Firefly 3D PreviewFinally, an official set of 3D extensions have arrived to Clickteam’s Clickstore called Clickteam Firefly and is available to purchase and download right this very second! It’s been a long time coming, there have been many, many, many threads posted over in the Clickteam forums over the years and there has been much talk about 3D and possible 3D in Fusion 2.5, stemming way back to Multimedia Fusion! But now, in 2016 it’s finally here and it’s called Clickteam FireFly.

These unique set of extensions allow any user of any age of any background to create their own 3D games using Clickteam Fusion 2.5 and the Firefly set of extensions. These objects have been in development for a considerable amount of time and have been put together with blood, sweat and tears (trust me I’ve seen the development stages). It’s been kept quiet for so long because we wanted to make sure we could get it right and we did.

Clickteam Firefly now available

Clickteam Firefly is now available for you to download for Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Standard and Developer, some great news in store for Steam users, it’s also available for Steam too! I highly recommend you check out these links below and also this YouTube video showcasing some demos that were put together in no time using the Firefly objects.

You can purchase and download Firefly today at this link. If you’re a STEAM user, check out this link.

I look forward to seeing some creative developments with this set of powerful objects that hopefully I can review personally here on Clickteam Fused.

Update: A new Clickteam Firefly preview is now available for you to see the raw power of the engine.


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