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Blast Masters for Android

Blast Masters

Makabre arrives. He arrives in his stunningly eloquent self with a brand new game released for Android called Blast Masters. Featuring some awesome-sega-master-system like cover art, it’s a space shooter. Yes. A space shooter. But, this is no ordinary space shooter. It contains some large explosions, super-cool graphics and some big balls in the form of Asteroids.

Can you outwit yourself (or Makabre?). You play as ‘Monty’ – a young naive fellow who lost his families fortune to space pirates. You set out with your trusty AI companion ‘Terrence’ in your last little spaceship and fly into the Midas nebula to reclaim the fortune you thought so lost.

Check out the official trailer here…

If you got the balls to take on this game, go and give it a download, it’s free after all!

Google Play Link

Don’t forget to check out his Facebook page – here. God speed.

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