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Clickteam Advent Day 21

Advent Calendar 2016

It’s day 21 on the Clickteam Advent Calendar 2016 and we have yet another discount in store for you today!

It’s about time some explosions went down in the ClickStore and with this explosive 50% discount, you can rest assured you’re definitely getting enough ‘bang for your buck’!

Don’t forget we have 3 more days until Christmas (exciting times) and only 10 more days until a brand new year. We have lots to look forward to in 2017 especially here at Clickteam. Head over to our Newsletter page right now and just pop in your email to subscribe. When 2017 is here, I’ll be sending out an email with a link to a special page here on Fused where I wrap up 2016 and speculate for 2017.

Without any further ado here is your link to the Clickteam Advent Calendar 2016. See if you can track down door number 21 and make yourself 50% happier!

Until tomorrow, Happy Holidays from Clickteam!

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