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JSON File Format Clickteam Fusion 3

Clickteam Fusion 3 JSON

It has now been confirmed that Clickteam Fusion 3 will be using JSON for the project file format. Since the beginning of time for the Klik series file extensions such as .gam, .cnc and .mfa have been file formats that the Klik series used to save your game and app projects all the way from Klik n Play to Clickteam Fusion 2.5. When you click the save button, it saves the file into a custom format that, although readable, wouldn’t make any sense to almost anyone. It is a compressed format that has a very specific and unique structure to it.

There are both pros and cons to this kind of custom file format. The pros being nobody else could ever really do anything with your source code at least without having the correct software installed. The cons to this is it is also unreadable by you unless you use the correct software. Akin to this it also leaves room for corruption too as images are also imported and saved in their own format.

As we can see in this latest blog post regarding Clickteam Fusion 3 and the file format of your projects it is set to be JSON. JSON is an eye-friendly structure that enables you to read/write in a structured way that is quite easy to edit. It is just pure plain text laid out in a structured fashion. Here is what the Clickteam developers have released as a preview of how your game/app file will be saved in Clickteam Fusion 3.

Clickteam Fusion 3 JSONAs you can see in the screenshot, the file format is pretty straight forward. It entails storing data by use of a structure that is readable and each property type contains properties, separated lines contained in that set of data.

So in this example we have a “type” called “Sky_Rocket” which you could probably assume is an active object called Sky Rocket. If you look underneath that it opens a sub-set of lines called “Properties” and under there we can see the properties of this object. The first property is “Position” and the values for the “Position” are “X: 327” and “Y: 557”. The same goes for the layer property. So this is how your game/app will be saved for you to edit.

This is not how it will be saved when you compile the app to be distributed. That will be exported out as C++ and then into a compiled format, so your users won’t be seeing any of this.

Just to note also, this is NOT how you will be writing your games in Clickteam Fusion 3. This is just how Fusion 3 will be saving your game/app information relative to your project. You will never need to write, edit or read any of this JSON. This is just a preview of the file format Fusion 3 will use to save your projects.

You can check out the blog post over on the Fusion 3 Development Blog. Feel free to share this post via Social Media.

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