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Clickteam HB Sale

Clickteam Humble Bundle

Clickteam links up with Humble Bundle to create an awesome bundle of your dreams! It’s the latest offering from us which includes Clickteam Fusion Standard with a $50 coupon off a Fusion Developer upgrade (Nice!) but this is not all…

In the same bundle, there are a whole host of games and source code up for grabs! RockRock Rocket and its source code is up for grabs, Necromonads and its source code is also up for grabs! You just set the price you wish to pay and you get all of it for that price! Don’t forget, Humble Bundle is a great way of raising money for charity so be sure you can set your own scales for the splits of proceeds and it all goes to very good causes!

Also, if your feeling a bit ‘darey’ you can pay just that ‘little bit extra’ and get a ton of other rewards such as the UWP Exporter which would normally cost you $199! There’s tons of bargains to be had and this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to grab all these offers now!

Check out the Humble Bundle deal here.

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