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Clickteam Itch.io Competition

Clickteam Fusion 2.5

So, we have 7 official days until the voting ends for this! You still have time to vote for your favourite game that has been submitted! The overall winner will bag themselves an Xbox One console along with Fusion 2.5 Developer and a copy of the brand spanking new Windows UWP exporter.

The runner-up will receive a copy of Fusion 2.5 Developer and the Android exporter and 10 honourable mentions will receive a copy of Fusion 2.5 Standard edition.

There are some really cool, awesome submissions to this competition and you can check them all out here on Itch.io and cast your vote today!

For obvious reasons, I can’t and won’t review any of the submissions until after the competition has finished as to not be biased or persuasive, but there are some good runners in this one. When you vote, be sure to judge the following:

Gameplay: Is it a unique and engaging fun experience. Does it feel “right”?
Originality: Are you blown away by the immersion and story telling experience?
Presentation: do the look and sound of it give you the feels?

Good Luck to all those who have submitted their games and I will announce the winner here on Fused the very second it is revealed!

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