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Dungeon Traps – Alpha

Dungeon Traps Game

Check this cool Alpha preview out of a new game by Wolkam.

It’s called Dungeon Traps and with all original graphics, it looks pretty awesome. You choose a player (variety to choose from) before you enter the dungeon. This player is the one who will defend the dungeon, each player comes with their own unique traps and abilities. Once the action starts, it’s a kind of a Tower-Defense mechanism but on a platformer-plane. A series of monsters, zombies and mummies stroll towards your dungeon in the hope of taking it over. With your chosen player, you set traps for the enemies and try to complete each wave to the highest you possibly can.

Check out the gameplay on this YouTube video here…

You can download a playable demo right now from here.

If you would like to leave Wolkam some feedback, you can in his forum thread here.

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