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Dungeoneer Promo Update Video

Dungeoneer PC Game

Paul Boland is a cool guy. Period. He’s a big user of Clickteam products and has been for a long time, even more so, he’s been a moderator on the Clickteam forums for a massive number of years.

Over the last few years he’s been working on Dungeoneer. A PC game that is loosely based upon Knightmare, an old-skool TV programme from the UK which even I used to watch, religiously. I know Paul is a massive, massive fan of the programme and the genre of production. I also know that is what inspires him to create Dungeoneer and I will be keeping a close eye on his developments with it, as I have up until now.

He has just released this promo video to tantalise your tastebuds…

If you like the look of Dungeoneer, check out the official web page and subscribe to the official forum thread for updates.

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