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Graphics or Code First? What do you do…

Game Dev Poll

An interesting topic that popped up on the forums over last weekend has taken to the polls. What do you do? Graphics or Code first?

The poll isn’t just about whether you create graphics for your project first, or code for your project first but it also caters for many other possible scenarios including graphics and code at the same time and a few others. It’s an interesting poll over on the Community Forums that is worthy of a mention as it is interesting to see what pattern most developers take with their Clickteam Fusion 2.5 games and projects.

I, for one, would have assumed that most intermediate/advanced developers would take the route of creating their code and logic first using placeholders and then implement the actual graphics once near completion.

Game Dev Poll

However, it seems that the results are quite varied and, unexpected. Taking the lead at the moment is the option of ‘I work mainly on the code/logic and sometimes graphics’. I’d be interested in hearing you voice your opinion over at the official topic for this poll.

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