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Paint My World iOS Game

Paint My World iOS Game

Paint My World is a brand new game released by Ashley Bates and it contains some very unique features! You have to literally ‘paint’ the game world you are in. Each level requires a set number of objectives to be completed, such as painting a number of tiles, destroying certain enemies, saving so many babies, and of course fighting bosses. The developer has tried to keep the game constantly fresh by introducing new mechanics and new items in every new world you unlock, this will keep you playing for much longer!

Paint My World is ‘kind of’ at the finished stage at the moment. Ashley posted a thread up on the Clickteam forums looking for additional testers to polish it up before an iOS release and he has promised on his website of an Android release also. I would be very interested to see if he also releases it for PC (Windows) as he could draw an even bigger market for him and with it being a game developing in Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Paint My World should be pretty easy to port over to the Windows Runtime (a few clicks maybe?).

Paint My World Game

You can check out the trailer here if you are still wondering what the description of the objective is all about…

As you can see from the trailer above, Paint My World looks like a real fun game to play for children and adults alike. I personally cannot wait to try it out and post a solid game review of my experiences. I’ll wait to see if Ashley releases a demo version for download.

Overall, Paint My World looks cool, refreshing and colourful to say the least. I look forward to seeing it released. If you have the time, why not help Ashley out in his quest to find testers before the game is released. It will give you an earlier insight into Paint My World.

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