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Psycutlery – PC Game

Luke, aka “Wolffgang” on the forums has released a new PC demo for everyone to download and check out today! It’s a game called Psycutlery and you play as a character called “Lillian the Alien” and you eat everything and completely wreck everything else, apparently. It has been developed from a prototype engine Luke was creating with Clickteam Fusion 2.5 and it just expanded, ending up with this, and this isn’t even the end-product. It’s a sneak-peak demo to see how the engine performs and by the looks of it, he has every intention of continuing development with the Psycutlery game.

There are many different control schemes supported such as Mouse, Mouse and Keyboard, all the way to Xbox Gamepad. It looks like an excellent and solid platformer and if you hadn’t guessed by now, yes, you control all the cutlery available in the game. It’s a psychic power Lillian has. One would assume you can use this to your advantage!

Check out the demo which is available as a free download now (Windows only) and check out Luke’s development blog here.

You can follow the official Facebook and Twitter pages also.

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