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Red Run – Android

Qobion on the forums has released his first game on Android using Fusion 2.5.

2It’s graphics are very pleasing to the eye aswell as maintaining a cool pixel look. The game is a runner with a simple, but eye pleasing graphics and addictive gmeplay. Besedes jumping the protagonist is able to stick his head briefly toward the ceiling and thus fly obstacles. The main feature is the bonuses that can be activated during the game. There are three to choose from: red shoes, allow to make the triple jump, jetpack and armor that protects against spikes. Each bonus can be activated only once, so it is better not to spend them immediately.

Obstacles divided by only 2 types – the tabs on which you can run, and spikes that need to be avoided. Along the way there are coins that you can spend at the wheel of fortune or revive. You can turn the wheel of luck and win bonuses or hit the jackpot by winning hat that you can wear on your character.

You can download Red Run today for free on your Android device from the Google play store.

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