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The Miners (PC Game)

This is ‘The Miners‘, developed by a relatively new user to the forum by the name of Michael Glowacki.

In The Miners, players lead teams of 5 miners that mine deeper and deeper for gems and treasure. Excavations are performed on a small planet called ‘Morg’ that is very rich in raw materials.

lagoon1You will be digging and mining the likes of Rubies, Emeralds, Gold, Diamonds and other treasure which you will have to give back to the owners of the mines, BUT you will be competing against other mining teams.

Alongside the competition, there is also a variety of creatures on Planet Morg that you will encounter along the way, not forgetting the hostility of the mines themselves. There will be hazardous routes and blockages but explosives and alike are permitted so you can use these at your disposal. Also to mention Mobile Teleports too!

This game looks very slick in art style and Michael doesn’t hold back in letting you know that the entire game is based on external file usage, which means all the artwork and sounds are loaded entirely from disk which in turn means, you could modify the artwork and the sounds and you will be able to create your own ‘mining game’ from it. Michael encourages this use widely.

You can purchase the game using the links below:

Indie Game Stand

Nornik Games

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