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Tisnart Shapes – PC Game

Tisnart Shapes PC

Tisnart Shapes finally gets it’s official PC release today. Tisnart aka Gerald is one of my favourite all time developers who uses Clickteam Fusion 2.5. Some of his games and developments in the past have been inspiring and I always like his attitude of ‘crack on and get things done’.

If you thought Tisnart Tiles was a good game, Tisnart Shapes will blow you away.

Boosters, Powerups and Trading!

Tisnart Shapes provides you as the player, a fast-paced, unique and challenging take on the Match-Style games. It really isn’t just a case of ‘matching’ colours in this game, it’s about matching colours while solving challenges, avoiding surprise obstacles and using boosters! It features power-ups such as Shape Magnet, Clonning Grabber and the Double-Slider. Featuring 135 exciting levels  plus 90 puzzle-solving levels, boosters, power-ups and even a card shop to trade boosters and themes, Tisnart Shapes truly is shaping up to look like a contender in the PC puzzle market.

Tisnart Shapes Level

Tisnart Shapes Available Now

Tisnart Shapes is now available for you to purchase on the ClickStore. Feel free to let me personally know what you think of it. When I get the time, I’ll get around to a full game review personally.


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