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Zarf – Review

Zarf Card Game

So this week I stumbled across a game called ‘Zarf‘ by ZenanInteractive on the Clickteam Forums.

The graphics looked super-cool so I thought I’d give it a download from the ‘tech demo link‘ provided on the forum thread. Needless to say, I was overall, impressed with ZenanInteractive’s efforts to create a cool-looking card game with a touch of retro-arcade-style nostalgia to it.

Zarf GameAfter downloading the tech demo, I launched it with no issues. I was presented with a cool looking intro in which I had to select an enemy player (CPU) to play against. I chose ‘Ermay the Eagle’ for my player and ‘Foust the Fox’ as my opponent. Immediately we were whisked into the game with 5 random cards each. I had absolutely no idea at this point what I was doing as I don’t usually make it a habit of new-style card games. However, I soon realised this was almost like a ‘war-trading’ card game, minus the ‘trade’ part.

On each go, it appears you have to select 2 of your 5 deal cards to attack your opponent with. Each player/opponent comes complete with their own unique special abilities to add more to the game.The graphics are VERY pleasing to the eye and beautifully drawn out and whilst playing the game, there is a cool, retro-arcade feel whilst still maintaining a ‘battle ambience’ that is soothing. I am looking forward to seeing more on this game and I will be keeping tabs on it’s development.

Check out the download link above and have a go yourself! I know ZenanInteractive is keen for feedback, so feel free to leave them some if you get a moment!

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