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VOTK – Video of the Week

The AlmightyZentaco releases yet another tutorial video on YouTube, this time how to create NPC talking systems in your games.

Zarf Game

Screenshot of the Week

This weeks ‘Screenshot of the Week’ goes to Zarf.

I wrote a review on Zarf not so long ago and if you missed it, you can check it out here.

I just love the pixel art used in this game. The minimal choices selected to be used has an incredible effect. As you can see from the screenshot (Click to make it bigger) there are literally 3-4 colours in use, with some slight variations of the same colour and the effect it has is massive, it’s so easy on the eyes and it draws you in.

I hope to see Zarf succeed and I’ll be keeping my eye on this as it progresses.

Hopefully have a better demo review in soon.

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