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Hideo Kojima meets Keith

The Game Awards 2016

Keith with Hideo Kojima at the Game Awards 2016One of Clickteam’s own veterans Keith is down at the Game Awards 2016 down at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, California. Early days into his adventure at the Game Awards 2016 who is he sat directly behind? No other than Hideo Kojima! If you don’t know who Hideo is then you are not as avid of a gamer you may think you are. He is one of the pioneering legends behind titles like Metal Gear Solid, he was Executive Producer on Castlevania: Lords of the Shadow and a produced the console version of Beatmania. He is accredited to several acting roles too and his entrance into the gaming industry was stricken with rejection yet he went on to prove them all wrong and created some awesome titles and produced some exclusive material.
Some of his best work I believe is yet to be seen. Hideo was stated as working on the upcoming Silent Hill series for PS4 but yet this got abandoned, I’m not entirely show why as of yet. It will be interesting to see what other work Hideo has lined up for the future. In relation to Keith, I hope he has a good time down there and he snaps a few more pictures of the event, or videos.

The Game Awards 2016

Keith is a seasoned veteran user of Clickteam Fusion 2.5 and he is now down at the Game Awards 2016 for the whole ceremony it looks like so if you are also down there at the Game Awards 2016, why not drop Keith a message on the forums and let us know too! Photos are always cool for us to showcase if you have any! If you have any photos, videos or any other interesting tidbits you would like to send us feel free to send it in to us here at Clickteam Fused!

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