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Not just a Game Maker – Fusion 2.5

Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Game Maker

klik n playWe know that Clickteam Fusion 2.5 has evolved from the early, pioneering game maker products of Klik n Play, Click n Create, The Games Factory and Multimedia Fusion, this fact is pretty well known. Designed and developed by two of the worlds game making pioneers, François Lionet and Yves Lamoureux. François started out with his very unique and creative STOS BASIC on the Atari ST and AMOS BASIC for the Amiga. Francois was and still is a leading pioneer in the game development industry, regardless of what his adventures are today. He is also accredited to a few game titles himself. Yves Lamoureux is also accredited with developing and designing several very popular games from the 80s and 90s.

The two eventually met and the power of talent was combined, resulting in their first official creation together Klik n Play. Klik n Play really was something of a marvel for its time. It was highly reviewed worldwide as it was the first of its kind. A unique and specialised game maker. A full software dedicated to allowing the user to drag ‘n drop visual objects to create playareas and create their very own games by just importing the artwork they wanted to use. This was not all, they had access to the Event Editor where this pseudo-code sheet would overrule programming. You would literally ‘join events together’. For example:

Ball Collides with Player: Do this.

The logic was so easy it was mind-blowing. It was originally released in Europe and the US, distributed worldwide.This opened up a whole new dimension in game creation. There stood this brand new game maker called Klik n Play that would revolutionise the 2D game making world. It was a very pro-active product leading onto its next version called ‘Click n Create’. It warranted enough changes to revamp it into a whole new product. Subtly followed by the Games Factory and ultimately, Multimedia Fusion.

multimedia fusionThe thing I always liked personally about the developments were, how the product was now shaping up not to just be a game making software but also a software allowing users to create software applications too. The runtime was at a very, very powerful stage of its development. By the time Multimedia Fusion 2 had hit us in 2006, the world had full game making capabilities and software application development capabilities to match a lot of the competition out there. People were even making the switch from IDEs such as Visual Basic over to Multimedia Fusion 2.

It was a fluent transition as the IDE for Multimedia Fusion 2 was so easy on the eye and was flawless from switching to a visual editing view to the coding view (this being the Event Editor).

The built-in editors were also very useful for importing artwork and animations.

Improving an evolutionary game maker

Fast forward to 2013 and we see the release of Fusion 2.5. The sister product to Multimedia Fusion 2. Built off of MMF2’s framework and runtime, the core was opened up and literally torn apart (granted the framework still the same at the depth) but on the surface, Yves and Francois with the help of some of the other staff managed to implement Physics from Box2D as part of the base framework (global across all runtimes), a lot of visual improvements were made and the runtime was so heavily optimised it was hard to match. ForEach loops were now made a part of the framework (global across all runtimes), global values and strings were now unlimited, fastloops had been made even faster (optimisation wise) and so much more.

clickteam fusion 2.5If you check for most of the complaints towards the product, it’s mostly visual (ie: editors). The runtime is still the most powerful runtime out there bar none. It has the capability to run natively on any device for (virtually) any OS. If you was to construct a game in Fusion 2.5 you have the potential to export that game out to Windows, Flash, XNA (Xbox 360), Windows Phone, Android and iOS (iTunes). In comparison to some of the competition, the Clickteam Fusion 2.5 runtime is still the leading pioneer, built upon since 1994 and still run with the same developers (bar Francois who left in 2014 to pursue new goals).

A new future for the game maker

Whilst all this is still going on, we have two bright, young and very talented programmers now working on the all-new version, James McLaughlin and Anders Riggelsen with general guidance and support from Yves. These two faces are the future for Fusion 3 and what remains now is a future full of promise, hope and major improvement. All the while this happens, the company will still keep the same attitude, still provide the same (if not better) level of support and will take the competition by storm. Mark my words.

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