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OnSprite – Editor

Clickteam OnSprite

So, I stumbled across this post over on the Clickteam forums today. A cool looking, online sprite editor, developed by Chrisual. I tried to whip together the CT logo (I think Nico would be happy with my efforts) and it literally took me less than a minute, even with my minimal artistic skill. It features:

  • Resizable Brush Tool and Eraser
  • Eyedropper and Paint Bucket
  • Resizable Line tool and Shade Brush
  • Layers and transparency
  • See the tiled and scaled image as you draw
  • Auto Shade and Tint as you draw
  • Save and Load image projects to and from any computer
  • Export your images at a click of a button
  • Use the images for whatever you want including commercial uses!

Why not head over to the website and check it out for free today?


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