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Pushwoosh Kickstarter

Fusion 2.5 Pushwoosh

Let me make 3 valid points here…

  1. We like the Android and iOS runtimes (Mobile)
  2. We like the ability to send our users notifications about our Android App/Games whenever we want and reward them
  3. We like Fernando! (He’s a legend!)

Fernandos Pushwoosh ExtensionFernando has been working on a prototype extension for Pushwoosh integration into your Fusion 2.5 Android and iOS apps. Pushwoosh allows for a multitude of very, very powerful features including the ability to push notifications to users devices who have your app installed without them even having the app open! Pretty cool huh? Well, that’s not all. You can measure a plethora of statistics about your app, its usage and your userbase not to mention geo-based tagging and location tracking.

That really is just a handful of the features Pushwoosh enables you to do for your apps and games for Android/iOS and now Fernando needs your help in getting it Kickstarted. You can donate any amount you wish towards development of this extension. With a small donation, you will get instant access to this extension for both Android and iOS in Fusion 2.5.

I highly recommend if you are serious about getting and keeping your userbase for your game happy, Pushwoosh will give you on-hand access to a mountain of features with just a few clicks. Check out Fernando’s Kickstarter page here and donate today!

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