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Windows UWP Exporter

Microsoft UWP

How cool is this? Seriously. Not so long ago, Clickteam ‘unofficially’ announced the UWP exporter which is in development. This has been in development for quite some time but obviously, in typical Clickteam fashion, everything is kept under wraps. There are many reasons for this, most, plausible reasons.

So… what is it?
Windows 10 is the latest OS development from Microsoft which, with the times, allows complete cross-platform compatibility (with a few tweaks of course). In other words, the (almost) exact same environment to be run across a number of devices, in particular, Microsoft branded devices such as consoles (Xbox One), the Surface Hub and HoloLens (not forgetting Microsoft Windows 10 for laptops/desktops itself).

This is a very well-needed street that Microsoft needed to go down, especially with increasing competition from the likes of Apple and with new technologies becoming available such as Raspberry Pi it means Linux is also making more and more of an appearance also.

What does this mean for Clickteam Fusion 2.5 and its users?

Xbox One Console

It means a lot. In terms of development, it means a hell of a lot. With the UWP exporter, as standard you will be able to develop your games for Windows 10 and Xbox One consoles. Of course, there may be other platforms supported in future, but this will purely be down to demand for additional channels, usually based on the Clickteam forums.

So to cap it off, for now… there will be some other bits you will need, just like the way you had to with XBLIG, such as $100 Developer License from Microsoft, there is still an approval process for games to make it to market and we will provide some extensive documentation and a tutorial or two to get you up and running.

As per, no official date given yet for available release but it is in beta mode at the moment and there will be an official announcement on the official Clickteam website, forums, Facebook and on here.

Ciao for now!

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